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World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day - Roslyn Kindergarten

We hosted a World Refugee day to celebrate the many refugee families that make up our kindergarten whanau. Parents came in to share skills in drumming and singing (from Nepal) and for dance and helping us with simple phrases (from Bhutan and Nepal). Children had the opportunity to dress in (not quite) traditional clothing using a large box of fabrics to make up head wear and clothing.

Story 'In the Beginning'
Story 'In the Beginning' - Follett Street Kindergarten

As a part of our team learning journey the teachers and children of Follett Street Kindergarten have been researching and learning the whakapapa (ancestory) for Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) and Ranginui (Sky Father). We have decided to have a focus on seven of their children; Tūmatauenga, Tāwhirimātea, Tāne Mahuta, Tangaroa, Rongomātāne, Haumia tiketike and Rūaumoko.

Ahimate Reserve
Ahimate Reserve - West End Kindergarten

Our tamariki were out and about at Ahimate Reserve, the wet and wild weather never deterred us because we had our amazing wet weather gear on.  Lucky for us it was the West End School’s Cross Country Run day and we got to see a few of the races. We were able to say hello to family who were down there for the sports day.

Watermelon Plant
Watermelon Plant - West End Kindergarten

Once upon a time in a nutrient rich bokashi garden grew a watermelon plant. The kaitiaki of West End Kindergarten showed atawhai and kawenga to nurture its growth.  In late summer it was 2cm wide and as the season changed to Autumn it grew to 15cm before stopping.  Curiosity about what the watermelon could look like inside was expressed through art.

Our bi-cultural journey
Our bi-cultural journey - Parkland Kindergarten

As a part of our bi-cultural journey at Parkland kindergarten we speak in Te Reo Maori, read books about the culture, history and tikanga of Aotearoa/ New Zealand. We learnt that Harakeke is a special treasure for Maori as they cherished, cultivated and used it for various purposes; such as clothing, fishing nets, bindings, baskets, mats, and medicine.

Dyadic relationships at the heart of what we do!

Dyadic relationships are at the heart of what we do at Ruahine Home-Based. We value them at all levels from our philosophy, policies and procedures to the support we provide our educators who weave their magic with children, every day. As Nathan Wallis says in this video, “The type of education your child needs under three is primarily a one on one relationship.

Zappo magic
Zappo magic - Bulls Kindergarten

The children of Bulls Kindergarten have been enjoying the yearly visits from Zappo the magician and we are sure the laughter can be heard all over town!! Zappo not only entertains but he shares messages on topics such as sustainability, self esteem and filling your bucket, recycling and so on. Our children are enthralled and the delight on their faces is just magic.

Disappointing budget for Kindergarten and Early Learning

The latest from our CEO on last week's budget.

Food Related Choking

Young children can choke on food quite easily. This is because they have small air and food passages, are still learning to move food around in their mouths and their biting, chewing and food-grinding skills are still developing. Here is the latest advice from the Ministry of Health for your information.

Long Serving Teacher Aid
Long Serving Teacher Aid - Makino Kindergarten

Our long serving Teacher Aid Aub built us this amazing wooden easel for our tamariki to use for sketching their self-portraits.  This is just one of the many projects that Aub has undertaken for us over the years.  Our tamariki absolutely love Aub being part of our kindergarten whaanau and look forward to him coming every Tuesday.


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