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Welcome to Kimbolton Early Learning

Kimbolton Early Learning offers a unique and wonderful learning experience in a beautiful rural setting. 

We offer 10 hours free ECE hours for 2 year olds, as well as up to 30 hours free ECE for 3 and 4 year olds.

Drop in and talk with Chris about enrolling your child.

Session Times

Monday to Friday

8.30am - 3.30pm

Contact Us

4 Lind Street, Kimbolton

Phone: 06 280 3212 or 027 587 8833

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What Our Whānau Say

We just want to say that we LOVE Kimbolton Early Learning centre. Being a small centre the teachers are always really engaged with the kids and I can ask any of the staff what my girls have been up to and have a full run down on how their day has been (which was not my experience with a big daycare in town). The teachers mix their experience with kindness to help the kids learn and the focus really is on education and learning. I have learnt a lot about learning through play including how to help our preschoolers develop gross and fine motor skills to assist with learning once they get to school (eg how to hold a pencil!) The centre is a great fit in building community connections and prepares kids well for friendships within the Oroua school cluster. We are still so grateful to have such an amazing service in our community! 

Kimbolton Early Learning Centre has been amazing for my two outdoorsy farm boys, where the opportunities for learning and play are vast. It encourages hands on learning and there is always a new activity happening. The teachers are passionate about the kids and their development, it has a sense of a big family atmosphere and is very 'earthy'. I always arrive at the end of the day to pick up an exhausted but happy child! 

The kids and I love coming in, there is always something going on, plus the staff are so welcoming and helpful, it really feels like our place.

My eldest has recently moved on to attend primary school, but still loves coming to pick up his little sister and seeing the teachers, and finding any the changes or updates in toys or environment.

I love that there is a wonderful ever-evolving garden and outdoor area, and lots of car parking space.

I love the behaviour management (for lack of better terms) that is used, it is also teaching me great tactics to use at home, and I am amazed at how quickly a kid sad from parent leaving is settled and energy redirected.

I also appreciate that Te Reo and NZ sign language is commonplace and used regularly with all the children.
I myself enjoy learning or relearning these languages along side the kids.

Without it being there I know my kids would miss out on all the sociable sides of being a kid, plus  we don’t have anywhere near the neat range of toys and activities that they get to be involved with whilst attending.

Thanks for being so awesome, Kimbolton ELC keep it up :)

Kimbolton Early Learning News

Beautiful Sunflowers
Beautiful Sunflowers

Last year in October the centre planted Sunflowers in their garden and this has become a new tradition to Kimbolton, it has attracted many bees, birds and butterflies.  We have been harvesting the sunflower seeds for collection this led to a pincer grip activity using tweezers and practicing our hand and eye coordination.

Golf and Bowls Tournament
Golf and Bowls Tournament

Sign up now - great day to be had!

Garden to the Jar!
Garden to the Jar!

We have been creating Zucchini  and Capsicum Relish from the yellow and green zucchini growing in our garden. This is the 2nd double batch completed this term. We have also crated beetroot relish. We have been learning how to care for our zucchini, as well as how and when to harvest.

Walk in the woods
Walk in the woods

What fun was had today in the woods. A trip to the moon and back on our imaginary rocket ship. Checking out giant trees. Following the tracks, finding the mountain and the mud and then playing in it. Hosed off back at the centre, a change of clothes and then lunch, what a memorable morning.