Ruahine Kindergartens

Get involved

There are a variety of ways that you can be involved in Ruahine Kindergarten Association and we welcome and encourage your participation.

Parent Support at Kindergarten/Early Learning Centre

Whānau are welcome to spend time at kindergarten and early learning to assist teachers, or just spend time with your child, sharing and supporting them with their learning.


We're not for profit, so rely on fundraising and grant applications for 'extra's'.  We are always looking for people who can help organise and participate in fundraisers or complete grant applications - you can also have a lot of fun at the same time.


Lots of people volunteer their time - they may help out with working bees, do some gardening or laundry, share some special skill or interest with the children, or even go on excursions with teachers and children -  our teachers are always looking for willing volunteers.


Committees consist of elected parents/whānau and usually meet monthly. They undertake activities such as fundraising or working bees, to ensure the provision of the best learning environment and availability of additional resources for our children.

Parent Groups

Some parents like to be involved, but not in a formal way.  In some services, we have Parent Groups that meet regularly to organise social and fundraising activities, which is a great way of supporting your child, as well as making new friends and contacts within your community.

Parent Forums

Ruahine Kindergarten Association holds two Parent Forums each year.  The Parent Forums recognise the value of parents’ contributions to the effective operation of our services and provide an opportunity for interaction and engagement with the Board and General Manager and for sharing information and provision of parent feedback.

Board of Governance

The Ruahine Kindergartens Board consists of members elected from our kindergarten community.  The Board meets monthly and is responsible for setting and monitoring the strategic direction and goals of Ruahine Kindergartens, and for all aspects of governance.