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Fundraising & Bride of The Year

Bride of the Year Fundraiser – Golden Jubilee 2019

It is with heavy hearts that the Bride of the Year committee from Ruahine Kindergarten Association (RKA) bring you all this message.  Unfortunately due to the low number of brides entering this year we have had to make the very difficult decision to cancel this event.  At this late stage and based on the current numbers and previous years’ experiences, all indications are that it is highly unlikely we will get the number of applicants necessary to bring in enough ticket sales or the size of audience necessary to be comparable to the generosity of our amazing selection of sponsors this year.

A huge thanks and a sincere apology goes out to all of our amazing sponsors and judging panel, with special thanks to our gold sponsors Cameron Jewellery, whose generosity to this wonderful cause and support of RKA was unmatched.  An equally heartfelt thank you and apology goes out to the beautiful brides who committed their support to our fundraising event this year, you are all Bride of the Year in our eyes.  Refunds will be forthcoming shortly.

RKA will reflect on this outcome.  We endeavour to find new ideas that better respond to and echo the significant changes that have taken place in our communities since the inception of Bride of the Year 50 years ago.  We are committed to realising other ways to engage with our communities and to fundraise for the delivery of the Triple P programmes and other initiatives for the betterment of our services, families and ultimately our children.


  BOTY cancelled





Promoting Literacy at Roslyn Kindergarten

At Roslyn Kindergarten, we aim to promote literacy in homes by gifting our children with their own books to read at home and purchase new books for our kindergarten.  If would like to help, by making a donation, please click here.


The Importance of Community Generosity

Without the generosity of our communities and grant providers over many years, we would not be able to provide such wonderful facilities and resources for our children.

Parkland Kindergarten

The fundraising efforts of our families helped create this beautiful forest setting in the heart of Palmerston North

Parkland Kindergarten playground

Cloverlea Kindergarten

Successful grant applications created a new environment for children to learn through play.

Cloverlea Kindergarten playground