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Enrolling with Ruahine Kindergarten Association is easy. Most of our kindergartens/early learning have waiting lists, so you are encouraged to enrol as early as possible to increase the chance of your child starting upon turning three.

Children are placed on a waiting list in order of their date of birth and places become available as older children leave to start school. The time that your child may spend on a waiting list varies from service to service.

Priority for places is usually given to the oldest child on the waiting list, but the Head Teacher/Centre Manager often needs to take other factors into account. You are welcome to contact the kindergarten/early learning at any time to find out when your child is likely to start.

Once you have chosen the Ruahine Kindergarten or Ruahine Early Learning you are interested in, call the service direct or complete the online enquiry form below and we will get in touch with you. We encourage you to visit the services you are interested in before you enrol your child. This can help you decide which environment best suits your child.

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