Ruahine Kindergartens


Feilding Kindergarten


At Feilding Kindergarten maankitanga or caring is one of the characteristics we value in our teaching and learning. Our resident turtles Russel and Emma help us learn how to care for the wonderful small creatures of our world.

Russell and Emma have been at kindergarten for many years now and they have grown quite big. They love to get out and about to stretch their limbs and bask in the sun, it makes them feel very happy. After investigating the things they like to do tamariki and kaiako made a small obstacle course which provides lots of exercise for the turtles each day.

Feilding Kindergarten tamariki enjoy watching and chatting to our pet turtles as they play. We are sometimes very surprised by the amazing antics the turtles get up to as they use the ramps and tunnels, play with balls and sometimes even escape for a walk on the grass.