Ruahine Kindergartens

Turtle update

Feilding Kindergarten


Our recent post about our kindergarten turtles, Russell and Emma, brought back lots of memories for teachers.  Well, do we have a surprise for you! 

Russell was very determined to get out of the trough on the grass and strode over to the sandpit.  After lifting Russell into the sandpit, Russell immediately began to dig a hole.  Nearly 45 minutes of effort later and Russell laid 6 eggs in the sandpit!  So after more than 20 years at Feilding Kindergarten, we now know that Russell is female not male!  We are sure that Emma is also female, as she laid eggs in the sandpit nearly 2 years ago. 

This has been an awesome learning experience for our teachers, parents and our tamariki.  After lots of discussion, our children decided that there is no need to change Russell’s name and we are all getting used to referring to Russell as ‘she’ instead of ‘he’.