Ruahine Kindergartens

Things that go 'pop' taking off at Milverton

Milverton Kindergarten


Things that go up and that blow up have been fascinating Milverton Kindergarten children this term.

Teacher Gavin Mardon explains that one boy’s trip in an aeroplane led to the interest in flight, with children extending that interest into lots of plane making and building with paper and wood. Older children have taken paper plane making on to mastering the art of origami (paper folding).

By fostering children’s interests, teachers can provide valuable opportunities for learning and acquiring new skills and confidence.

The beauty of early childhood teaching is you can go with children’s interests and passions, and in the process, children learn different dispositions: they learn to be determined, persist and that they can make mistakes. We can wrap it all up and call it resilience.

Experiments with baking soda and vinegar solutions have been used to create different exploding reactions, from a popping plastic bag to a lid bursting off. 

Teacher Sally Donovan says these discoveries around cause and effect and how things react all started from using baking soda in baking.

Then the thinking moved outside the oven, with fizzing experiments that have generated a great deal of excitement about the place.

Some ‘popping’ experiments involve separating the baking soda from the vinegar and then allowing the two to combine in a confined space.  Such experiments involve lots of trial and error – which is all part of the learning.