Ruahine Kindergartens

Sensory Garden

Manchester Kindergarten


Manchester Kindergarten has revamped and made new gardens with the children being very helpful prepare these new sites and wheelbarrowing topsoil to them.

The gazebo now has a selection of fruiting vines climbing up it and the children are captivated by walking around and along the various textured pathways that wander through each garden.

There are sensory gardens which include lavender with its calming properties and miniature toetoe that act as props for the children’s imaginative play.

New fruit trees have been planted for their food properties and future shade. Thanks to Clem Pedley from the local nursery who has advised and supported the selection of plants being planted.

Contact with nature creates a deep sensory impact of texture, smell, colour, taste, and sound, evoking curiosity about the natural world and creating many learning opportunities for the children.

In the future the gardens will become productive and children will come to understand the process and value of growing their own healthy food.