Ruahine Kindergartens

Pumpkin Hoedown

Manchester Kindergarten


Pumpkin seedlings, grown by Manchester Kindergarten family and distributed to others families to grow. As the giant pumpkins grew, it was decided a communal weigh in would be a great way to celebrate the Autumn harvest.

The kindergarten organised a hoedown dance, which included a sausage sizzle and homemade pumpkin soup and buns.

The evening was a great hit, with the largest pumpkin weighing in at an astounding 61.5kgs, second place was 60kgs and third place weighed 58kgs. Fascinated by the size of the pumpkins, the kindergarten used them to decorate the environment, cutting two open and collecting and drying the seeds for growing next year.

Growing giant pumpkins has engaged the wider Manchester Kindergarten community in a fun and healthy activity, while contributing to the children’s knowledge of where food comes from and caring for the environment. Everyone is looking forward to next year’s hoedown.