Ruahine Kindergartens

Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre

Makino Kindergarten


It was an exciting day for the whānau and tamariki of Makino Kindergarten as we boarded the bus, bound for Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre.  As we travelled it was a great opportunity to explore a different perspective of the Manawatu, and share
with the tamariki our Maunga, the Ruahine Ranges. 

Pukaha offered the opportunity to meet many of our native species, and we were
especially lucky to see Manukura, the white kiwi sleeping next to the glass,
and hear a song from Kahu the Kōkako.  The cheeky Kaka watched us all line
up for an after lunch ice cream before heading down to see the Eels being fed
and a walk through the free flight aviary.

What an awesome day we had!  There were many sleepy tamariki on the way
home, and a few sleepy whānau members too!