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Mighty movers at Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Grove Kindergarten


After successfully introducing the Fun Football programme last term, Kelvin Grove Kindergarten has a new parent-run initiative known as Mighty Movers to encourage physical skills and active fun.

Seeing how much the children enjoyed the Fun Football programme, parent Miriam Eglinton was inspired to set up a similar programme for the kindergarten, at no cost.

 “Health and physical education has always been an important part of our holistic approach to learning. This opportunity benefits not only the children but our entire community,” explains Head Teacher Leanne Walls.

Miriam who is a primary school teacher with a passion for sports and movement teamed up with teacher Tammy Dodge to help the children gain a wide variety of skills including:

  • Ball skills
  • Balance and coordination
  • Mind and body connection
  • Helping and supporting friends
  • Building confidence