Ruahine Kindergartens


Campbell Street Early Learning


This term at Campbell Street many of our tamariki have shown and interest in investigating heroes. We began our investigation by looking back in time and learning about the heroes of the past. The tamariki shared a love a a book about the life of a Knight so we searched high and low and discovered that there are still many knights living amongst us today.

We invited Sir Gallard to come and spend some time teaching our tamariki all about how to train to be a knight. After learning about the special clothing and weaponry we also learned about the code of honour. It takes many years to become a knight and they must always behave with good character vow to protect with honour and valour. Sir Gallard showed us how to make a simple paper sword and helped us set some rules for sword fighting or duels. Then we went outside and we all had a turn having a duel with a knight. We were formidable adversaries for Sir Gallard.

Soon it was time to way goodbye and let our Knight ride off to his castle to continue to protect the ones in his charge.

We really enjoyed learning all about the life of a knight.