Ruahine Kindergartens

Growing confidence

Milverton Kindergarten


“I want to be a rock star!” said John, a four year old Milverton Kindergarten child, whose brother plays the ukulele in his school band. Together we made hair to look like ‘head banger’ musicians and created our own band.

A pallet became the stage and the karaoke microphone became a tool for the most amazing range of sounds. As the interest snowballed, it was time to go the next level and ‘Milverton’s Got Talent’ was born.

A great range of contemporary and traditional songs, dances from ballet to poi, music with homemade and regular instruments were just some of the talents lined up.

Teachers have also been supporting this strong musical interest at mat times. ‘Let it Go’, a firm favourite, has not been forgotten - especially by Mia. The special musical visit of her Mum Whaea Amy (a.k.a ‘Amy’ of Kiwibop fame) supported not only the kindergarten’s singing and dancing, but also helped children and teachers alike to lose their inhibitions, and not take themselves too seriously.

With a new sense of confidence, Milverton Kindergarten children feel happy within their skin and are ready to take on the world.