Ruahine Kindergartens

Dominoes Game

Feilding Kindergarten


During our first week at Feilding Kindergarten at Covid-19 Alert Level 3, we decided to make a colourful painted rocks dominoes game to play with all our friends when they return to kindergarten.  Our two tamariki/children chose to paint rocks to take home, while our teachers Jocelyn and Natalie painted the dominoes.  

Today we tried out the dominoes game.  We all had lots of fun taking turns to match up the colours.  Halfway through the game, one of our tamariki really wanted to play his favourite colours, but neither of these colours were at the end of the domino chain.  He solved this problem by making a space where he could match up the colours.  He then cleverly rearranged all the other dominoes in the chain to keep the colour matching pattern in place!  Ka nui tō whakaaro - great thinking!  When we finished the game, he laid out Natalie's remaining dominoes in a heart shape.

We are looking forward to sharing our new game with all our friends when they return to Feilding Kindergarten.