Ruahine Kindergartens

Cross Country @ Awapuni Kindergarten


Many schools now are having their annual cross country and we have noticed the Awapuni School children practicing running around their back field for the past few weeks.

Ashlyn was very excited because she was going to be leaving early to watch her sister Kalissa run at school and wanted us all to come.  It was later in the day and we were not able to come but I asked Ashlyn if she would like to help me plan a kindergarten cross country tomorrow. Her first question before she said yes was would we have medals. We could do that, so the planning began.

Ashlyn wanted paw patrol medals.  We found some pictures of paw patrol dogs and got the medals underway. 

The next day we set up the course with a bit of climbing included and just before lunch had our cross country.  All the children had a go at running the course and at the end received their medal.  We all had fun and enjoyed our kindergarten cross country.