Ruahine Kindergartens

Caring for our animals

Feilding Kindergarten


Our tamariki love to show kaitiakitanga by caring for the animals in our world. We have two wonderful hens named Hazel and Snowy. Hazel is our brown hen and she is very social and confident. Snowy is a bit camera shy but they both love to come out of their enclosure and scratch for food in our wilderness space.

In the morning the tamariki love to do the job of letting the hens out, collecting eggs and helping grown ups clean out their cage and give them clean water and food. Our hens give us lots of eggs for our kai table. The tamariki use the eggs in lots of cooking but especially for their graduation cake. This is one of the ways our tamariki learn that as kaitiaki or guardians of our papatuanuku our environment and all its taonga or treasures such as eggs, we then are rewarded with taonga to help us be healthy too.

What a wonderful relationship our tamariki have with our environment at Feilding Kindergarten.