Ruahine Kindergartens

Ashhurst Kindergarten hooked on filling buckets

Ashhurst Kindergarten


Nestled at the foot of the Ruahine Ranges, this small town kindergarten is a charming mix of country and city buzzing with bucket fillers.

Inspired by the award-winning book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” bucket filling was first introduced to the kindergarten in Term 1 and has since taken off.

“The concept encourages positive character development in a way that children can relate to. The idea is that every one of us has an invisible bucket that can be filled through acts of kindness and love – a smile, a lending hand, being a good friend,” explains Head Teacher Jacqui Reid. 

“Even with the diverse cultural backgrounds in our community - English, Māori, Tongan, Dutch, Chinese, Scottish and Samoan, bucket filling is something the children all understand and can easily extend from kindergarten to home.”

Being part of a larger whole and connecting as one people is at the heart of Ashhurst Kindergarten - a nurturing environment that continues to spread happiness one bucket filler at a time.