Ruahine Kindergartens

A magical Christmas party

Feilding Kindergarten


Christmas is a time when people from all walks of life can come together to celebrate. With the big day approaching, and Feilding Kindergarten children beginning to itch with excitement, an end-of-year Christmas party was thrown.

The event was fabulous, with a great turnout of current and past families, and even extended whanau who came to share in the evening's festivities.

Celebrations began with sharing a delicious ‘bring your own dinner', followed by a fantastic visit from the man himself: Santa Claus! All of the children got to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. The man in red listened intently.

It was certainly an occasion to be remembered. It was a wonderful way to bring everyone together to celebrate the accomplishments of 2014 and the growth the community has all been a part of.

Feilding Kindergarten extends a huge thank you to the whole community for the evening's fun, and of course to Mr. Claus: whose appearance (during his busiest time of the year) made the night extra magical for the children.